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Official timekeeper of the Red Bull Dolomitenmann

The world's toughest mountain relay competition, encompassing mountain running, mountain biking, paragliding, and kayaking

The Red Bull Dolomitenmann is a comprehensive relay competition held in Lienz, East Tyrol, Austria. The 36th edition of this legendary event in 2023 features 400
participants. The challenging course includes a 12 kilometer mountain run at an
altitude of over 2’000 meters, a paragliding flight from a high alpine point at 2’441 meters with a landing in the Dolomite Stadium, a 32 kilometer mountain biking segment with a total elevation gain of 1’600 meters, and a six-kilometer-long kayak regatta culminating in a final 500 meter sprint to Lienz's main square. These demanding elements constitute the key components of this remarkable competition.

The unofficial world championship of extreme sports

In 2023, NORQAIN became the official timekeeper of the renowned Red Bull
Dolomitenmann, which marked its 36th edition in Lienz. Established in 1988,
this competition is unique in that it exclusively operates as a team event,
emphasizing the need for extreme sports enthusiasts to collaborate. This
distinctive aspect serves as a constant source of motivation and determination
for participants, especially when the pressure intensifies.

The challenges faced by competitors are nothing short of grueling.
Mountain runners must conquer a daunting 2’000 meter altitude gain, while
paragliders not only have to launch themselves into the air but also restart
with their equipment after a stopover and run. Mountain bikers not only contend
with uphill battles but also shoulder their bikes as they traverse a Ski World
Cup slope before racing downhill into the valley. Finally, canoeists round out
the event with a thrilling seven-meter jump into the water and a battle against
upstream rapids.

Wild ONE Skeleton 42mm Dolomitenmann

The Wild ONE, made with our proprietary, ultra-robust and ultra-light NORTEQ® carbon fibre material, is the ultimate high-performance sports watch. Six times lighter than steel and 3.5 times lighter than titanium this Wild ONE has been designed in collaboration with Jean-Claude Biver, the NORQAIN team and the best Swiss suppliers.

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Red Bull Dolomitenmann
The Red Bull Dolomitenmann is a comprehensive relay competition held in Lienz, East Tyrol, Austria. Learn More
Wild ONE Skeleton 42mm Dolomitenmann
Wild ONE Skeleton 42mm Dolomitenmann
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Wild ONE Skeleton 42mm Dolomitenmann